Podcast Episode 7 – Unruh, Land Rights and Conflict

With the help of Renee Manderville, Archisman Chaudhuri, and Philip Gooding, Prof. Jon D. Unruh, McGill University, discusses his work on land rights and restitution in times of conflict in several regions of the contemporary IOW. Some of the works discussed in the podcast include:

Jon D. Unruh and Musa Adam Abdul-Jalil, ‘Constituencies of conflict and opportunity: Land rights, narratives and collective action in Darfur,’ Political Geography, 42 (2014): 104-16.

Jon Unruh and Mourad Shalaby, ‘A volatile interaction between peacebuilding priorities: road infrastructure (re)construction and land rights in Afghanistan,’ Progress in Development Studies, 12, 1 (2012): 47-61.

Jon D. Unruh, ‘Mass Claims in Land and Property Following the Arab Spring: Lessons from Yemen,’ Stability: International Journal of Security & Development, 5, 1, (2016): 1–19.

Jon D. Unruh, ‘Weaponization of the Land and Property Rights system in the Syrian civil war: facilitating restitution?’ Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, 10, 4 (2016): 453-71.

For more on Prof. Unruh’s work, see his bio at: https://www.mcgill.ca/geography/people-0/unruh




Podcast Episode 6 – Bhattacharyya, Empire and Ecology

Professor Debjani Bhattacharyya, Drexel University, joins Renee Manderville, Philip Gooding, and Archisman Chaudhuri, all from the IOWC, to discuss her book: Empire and Ecology in the Bengal Delta: The making of Calcutta (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018), as well as some of her work in progress on credit, climate, and calamity in the Bay of Bengal.

For more on Prof. Bhattacharyya’s work, see her bio: https://drexel.edu/coas/faculty-research/faculty-directory/DebjaniBhattacharyya/

For more on the book we discuss in this podcast see: https://www.cambridge.org/core/books/empire-and-ecology-in-the-bengal-delta/4741DB240F1EACD9E1AFDDDFD9EE74AA

Podcast Episode 4 – Gooding, Tsetse flies, ENSO, and Murder

With the help of Renee Manderville and Archisman Chaudhuri, Philip Gooding, a postdoctoral fellow at the Indian Ocean World Centre, discusses his recent article: ‘Tsetse flies, ENSO, and Murder: The Church Missionary Society’s failed East African Ox-Cart Experiment of 1876-78,’ Africa: Rivista semestrale di studi e ricercheN/S, 1, 2 (2019). The article is available at https://www.viella.it/rivista/9788833132556 or by contacting Philip Gooding directly: philip.gooding(at)mcgill.ca


3 New Podcast Episodes

We hope that you enjoy episode 1-3 of the Indian Ocean World Podcast, produced at the Indian Ocean World Center at McGill University.

Ep. 1 – Introduction [The Indian Ocean World Podcast]

Featuring: Philip Gooding, Peter Hynd, and Gwyn Campbell

Ep. 2 – Human-Environment Interaction [The Indian Ocean World Podcast]

Featuring: Philip Gooding, Peter Hynd, and Gwyn Campbell

Featuring: Philip Gooding, Peter Hynd, and Gwyn Campbell