The Appraising Risk Partnership

Appraising Risk is an international collaboration based at the Indian Ocean World Center at McGill University, with academic partners across the world.

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Our Historical Database

The project is dedicated to building a comprehensive spatial and temporal archive of the Indian Ocean World using a Linked GIS database with a custom relational taxonomy.

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Maps and Visualizations

We produce maps, visualizations, analysis and other media using data from the Appraising Risk Database.

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Our Project

The Appraising Risk Partnership is an international collaboration of scholars and researchers dedicated to exploring the critical role of climatic crisis in the past and future of the Indian Ocean World. With generous support from the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, the partnership seeks to create a comprehensive spatial and temporal database of human-environment interaction and interdependence during periods of climatic change.

Latest Posts

Vulnerability, Adaptation, and Maladaptation to Climate Change

The IOWC podcast team interviews Dr. Lisa Schipper (University of Oxford) an Environmental Social Science Research Fellow at the Environmental Change Institute (ECI). Dr. Schipper’s research explores the interlinkages between climate change and human development, as she seeks to address the question of whether fair and just development is possible in a changing climate. Our […]

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Arch, Coastal Shipping of Tokugawa Japan

Professor Jakobina Arch (Whitman College) discusses her research into coastal shipping of Tokugawa Japan (17th century -19th century), and accounts of shipwrecks’ survivors as insights on the religious world of sailors. Unraveling how Western and Meiji sources have spoken disparagingly of the designs of the ‘bezaisen’ or coastal ships of the Tokugawa period, Arch proffers […]

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Kelly, Consuming Ivory

In this podcast, assistant professor Alexandra Kelly (University of Wyoming) discusses her Spring 2021 publication of Consuming Ivory: Mercantile Legacies of East Africa and New England (Culture, Place, and Nature). Throughout the podcast, Dr. Kelly delves into the complex global legacies of the historical ivory trade. From elephant conservation efforts to the cultural heritage industries […]

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2021: International Conference on Environmental Crises in the Indian Ocean World Since 1800

Call for Papers
2021 International Conference on Environmental Crises in the Indian Ocean World Since 1800
28-29 May 2021

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The Indian Ocean World Centre (IOWC) at McGill University is a research initiative and resource base established to promote the study of the history, economy, and cultures of the lands and peoples of the Indian Ocean world (IOW) – from China to Southeast and South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

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