Our Historical Database

A major element of the partnership is dedicated to the creation of an object-based relational database which can be used to store, categorize, analyze and disseminate information about historical events and locations in the Indian Ocean World. This database is a work in progress – updates and news will be posted to this site as they become available.

The LGIS Database

This database aims to be a collaborative, accessible and comprehensive resource for historical information about the Indian Ocean World. Submitting data to this central repository will allow for analysis and exploration by scholars and members of the public.


Researchers and specialists will submit data tables containing historical objects – which are information, items, or events. Each object has a series of data variables – entries for location, year, death toll, and other relevant contextual data. These entries are sourced from documents, maps, research efforts and historical analysis drawn from diverse specialties including environmental science, public health, and archaeology.

Individual entries, such as the Cholera outbreak pictured below, become objects in the LGIS database

These objects can then be used to create novel analysis, research, and visualizations.

The Temporal Gazetteer

Information about our temporal gazetteer will be updated soon.