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Data Templates

In order to assure that the data we collect is standardized, we utilize a series of topical Data Templates. These data templates establish a consistent set of data variables for every dataset that is submitted. To begin the process of submitting your own dataset to the central Appraising Risk index, you can download the relevant ’empty’ data template, and enter in each item as a seperate row. These data templates are an evolving resource, and we welcome any suggestions about data variables that should be added to our data templates.

Each data template contains the variables in the top row (those highlighted green are required), a second row containing directions for entering variables, and a third row containing an example entry. You may delete the directions and the example row before entering your own data.

For a more in-depth guide on how to plan and enter data into a template, you can view our data entry tutorial.

Environmental Data

The following data templates are used for submitting environmental data. The ‘Full Index’ contains all of the environmental templates in one Excel workbook, followed by the individual templates below.

Environmental Events Full Index

Contains individual sheets for Cyclones, Earthquakes, Volcanos, and Multiple Environmental Events entries

Cyclone Data Template

Earthquake Data Template

Tsunami Data Template

Volcano Data Template

Anthropogenic Data

Conflict Data Template

Our conflict data template is a simplified version of the model used by the Uppsala Conflict Data Program

Migration Data Template

Disease Data Template

Our Disease Data Template is built to accomodate multiple different disease types through the Disease Type variable. If disease type is unknown, or if the primary source notes only descriptions like ‘fever,’ please indicate so in the Notes variable

Population Data Template

We are interested in collecting population data at every level of scale, and you may include figures for an individual city, a district, a country etc. Please use the Location Type field to further specify the location reference.

Economic Exchange Data Template