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External Datasets

The Appraising Risk project seeks to coordinate the collection of diverse datasets concerning human-environment interaction across the Indian Ocean World. As a digital humanities initiative, we are dedicated to improving data availability, access and exchange. We recognize that a central challenge facing digital humanities scholarship is the lack of standardization, mutual awareness, and collaboration between different projects and teams which collect historical data. Our goal is not only to collect high-quality historical data from within our partnership, but to raise awareness of excellent external datasets already in existence.

This page will be continually updated with information about the external datasets which we utilize and admire, and we will continue to expand our connections with other organizations and initiatives who are performing complimentary data collection. Please explore these datasets to learn more about the rich academic ecosystem surrounding digital historical research, and to explore the incredible capabilities of data-driven initiatives. 

All datasets listed below can be downloaded from their URL link. As of January 28, 2021 they are all licensed for academic use with attribution, but please double-check the data license before you publish or share extracts from these datasets.