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Tang-Song transition era and maritime activities in E and SE Asia

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With the help of Dr. Alexander Jost, Xu Zhexin (both University of Salzburg) discusses his PhD research into the history of maritime activities in South and Southeast China and its neighboring regions during the co-called Tang-Song transition period, which is based on his analysis of official records, inscription sources, and visual materials. Thank you also to Prof. Angela Schottenhammer (KU Leuven) for facilitating this interview.

For more on Prof. Schottenhammer’s work and Xu Zhexin’s place in it, see:

Cover image: “Guangzhou (formerly Canton), Chinese Boats by Lai Afong,” Circa 1880, via Wikipedia Commons.

This podcast was produced with the help of Renée Manderville (Project Manager, IOWC), Philip Gooding, and Archisman Chaudhuri (both postdoctoral fellows, IOWC, McGill).