With the help of Renee Manderville, Archisman Chaudhuri, and Philip Gooding (all IOWC), Prof. James Warren (Murdoch University) discusses his past and ongoing research into the effects of global climatic oscillations on the history of the Philippines. In this podcast episode, he examines the role of ENSO-related climatic anomalies and typhoons on the colonial monocrops of tobacco (Spanish era) and sugar (American era). In these contexts, he also responds to questions on the lives of indigenous populations and on colonial science.

For more on Prof. Warren’s work, see:

http://profiles.murdoch.edu.au/myprofile/james-warren/ and


Prof. Warren has also provided us with some images that may be of interest and use to listeners:

Map: The Philippines

Map: Sulu and Celebes Seas

Map: Iranun Balangingi raiding

Map: Typhoons in the western Pacific Ocean

Common Typhoon Paths

“Eye of the storm”

Flattened canefields, 1899

Barocyclonometer (1)

Barocyclonometer (2)

Jose Algue (1856-1930), Jesuit meteorologist