Submitting a Data-set Proposal

In order to track and support each partner’s data collection efforts, we are asking teams/partners to fill out the following form before they begin collecting data-sets. This will allow us to coordinate resources and support, help partner teams develop robust data-sets, and provide teams with the appropriate data templates for their data-set. Once you have filled out and submitted the following form, you will be taken to the Data Template index where you can download the data templates necessary for your submission.

If you are still unsure about how to plan or assemble a data-set, check out our comprehensive Data Submission Tutorial

Data-set Proposal Form
Enter your name or the name of your research team
Choose the topic/theme area that your dataset covers
Please enter a short description of your proposed data-set and source types. Example: "We're using public health records and journal accounts to collect Cholera outbreaks in major Indian cities."
Please click each option that your dataset covers.
Select the region that your dataset covers. If your dataset covers more than 1 region, select global. If your dataset covers more than 3 countries, you may skip the Country Selection choice below.
If your dataset is contained in a single country, or only certain countries in a region, then select them here instead of using the region selector